Wednesday, March 25, 2020

digital drawings update


I've been trying different methods of which direction I should go about with the book layout. I prefer the poems by itself, so I intend to continue with the process and make a book out of it.

photo edit with text spOoOooky

I used my own text from an old blog post.

Finishing the books

Well my plan today was to finish and bind the books. Long story short, the printer in the seminar room was having lots of issues, so I guess it will have to wait. I went ahead and printed everything anyway so I could see size and such again. I can show them on screen tomorrow if anyone would like.

I had 4 books set up, but the 4th one didn't have enough text. So I shrunk down the type a size to bring the book count down to 3. I think odd numbers are better anyway. I am keeping the red cover as I showed before break.

photo edits

Crystallize by Lindsey Stirling

Working on wall piece

Im still trying to figure out how I'm going to put text on my wall piece, to go along with the 3 books. 
With this experiment, I tried to but the image in the type, with an opacity layer over it. I think this way it makes the text stand out with out taking away the whole image or hid the text. This would just be one of the 6 wall pieces. There is just one whole poem without this one wall piece. However wondering if people will read it as one whole thing or just pieces and be confused. I also left some pages black to give a brake. 

I like this idea but I'm still obviously struggling with it. Im currently struggling with making them all the same size because I really like the big bold text but also the small text is also nice. I might change the font (because its impact and thats kinda ebb) but it will defiantly still be a bold font. 

For the wall piece I want 6 accordion folds stack on top of each other on the wall. I want them to offset with each other so you have more of that 3d effect. I do think I want still want to put the vinyl behind it from the floor to the wall with the abstract type from earlier in the semester.